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Stay Safe

When's it's dark outside and you're alone, don't risk the chance of getting assaulted or mugged by strangers. Carry powerful self defense pepper sprays from Academy Sports. Made from concentrated peppers, our blinding pepper sprays can be shot from several feet away and leave your victims paralyzed-in-pain while you run to get help. Many of our pepper sprays can be used over 20 times, safeguarding you from potential attacks for months or even longer. With most being easily attachable to your favorite key ring, it's easy to keep the protective spray on hand while strolling around the city late at night or while taking your dog for an evening walk. Quickly grab your mace amongst the many items in your purse and stop perpetrators before they can commit an act of violence against you. We value your well-being and want to make sure we can equip you with the tools necessary to defend yourself against unwanted advances. Take preventative measures and prioritize self-defense with pepper spray.

Discreet, Disguised, & Efficient

While our mace sprays come in traditional spray bottles, for extra security, consider buying one of our sprays in a cleverly disguised package or an efficient tactical pepper gun. Imitating the look of commonplace lipsticks or perfume bottles, your assailants won't know what hit them when you pull out our hidden-in-plain-sight mace sprays.

Self Defense

When you are by yourself it is important to make sure you are equipped with the essentials to protect you in case of an attack from a perpetrator. Ensure your safety at all times purchasing self-defense products at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Shop for self-defense products for the entire family including protective gear for moms, dads and children. You never know when danger can strike, so it is important to always prepare yourselves and others. Browse through a variety of self-defense tools including batons, pepper spray, personal alarms, Tasers and stun guns.

Self Defense Shop is a manufacturer and distributor of over 350 products related to personal security and self defense.

Service. Quality. Dependability. Longevity. Honesty. Integrity.

Why do these factors make Self Defense Shop Different ?

  • Service - We apply the golden rule here. We treat you just like we would expect to be treated. Ever have a problem with our products or services? Contact us and we will do the utmost possible to ensure your complete satisfaction. We want YOU to be happy with our products and services! Anything less, and WE won't be happy.
  • Quality - 20 years in business has allowed us to find and sell directly to you only the highest quality products. Including the hottest pepper spray and highest power stun guns.
  • Dependability - Tens of thousands of customers and business' have come to depend on Self Defense¬†Shop for their personal defense product needs.
  • Longevity - 20 years ! One of the first and one of the oldest.Our track record speaks for itself.
  • Honesty - If we are not honest with you, we just could not live with ourselves. Lying to people or giving false promises to coax you into doing business with us is something that you will NEVER experience with Self Defense¬†Shop
  • Integrity - We stand behind what we sell, what we do and what we provide. Period.

What you will not find with Self Defense Shop is a bunch of hype. We don't have a web site that is one big long sales pitch that tries to convince you why we are the best or the biggest. We don't use testimonials from companies that are no longer in business in an effort to help give you warm fuzzies about us. We won't try to convince you that we are your only choice. We do understand that you are smart, intelligent and can make your own informed buying decisions.

Thank you for your interest and your time.

Sincerely,Self Defense Shop
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